Vintage Vieux Provence by Varagas Pheasant

Vintage Features – Birds of Different Feathers

Birds are amazing creatures – they can fly, lay eggs, and have beautiful feathers. The way they strut on their two feet is quite delightful! So, it makes sense they would adorn many vintage china patterns. Today we are sharing some of the ones we have in our collection but there are many, many more.

Our first set is a group paying homage to the pheasant. There are many species of pheasants and most of the males have gorgeous, vibrant feathers. We learned they are also quite delicious.

Red-necked pheasant bird vintage drawing

These three vintage patterns are known as Asiatic Pheasants. This popular pattern was created in England during the mid 1800s and has been copied by many different pottery companies.

Pheasants are also on these next patterns. Their bright feathers are prominently featured. The first is a vintage design by Johnson Brothers, the second is Chelsea Bird by Myott, the third is Spring Garden by Royal Gallery, and the last pattern is from France, called Vieux Provence by Varagas.

It appears that birds that are delicious to eat appear more often on plate patterns! Quail by Furnival comes in a variety of two tones – we have blue small plates and brown dinner plates in our collection.

And, of course, we see lots of roosters and chickens on dinner plates. These whimsical patterns are mid century, with the first and last are Taylor Smith & Taylor and the middle one is Scio.

These next patterns have birds that we cannot identify, but they do add beauty and detail to each pattern. They are Devonshire by Johnson, Willliamsburg Potpourri by Wedgwood, Vintage Woodsong by Fine China, and Spodes Tower by Spodes.

Lastly, the most recognized pattern, Blue Willow, has the famous pair of turtle doves. The story goes that two forbidden lovers were saved by the gods and turned into these loving doves. Did you know that there’s a Pink Willow and a multitude of versions of this original pattern, designed by Thomas Turner in the late 1700s?

Hope you have enjoyed today’s birds on plates blog. We are pretty sure there are more in our collection and, if so, a sequel will follow!

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Royal China Retro Blues

Vintage Feature – Retro Royal China

These two vintage patterns, Old Curiosity Shop and Currier and Ives, may be the most recognizable patterns in America. They were produced by Royal China, based out of Sebring, Ohio. Once a powerhouse in the china business, this American company produced over 1700 patterns from 1934-1980s.

From our own collection, we have these two patterns, but we also have patterns that feature florals, gold rims, and ornate designs. On the other end of the spectrum, we have bold, funky patterns that the company produced in the 1950s-1980s. Like many successful companies, Royal China adapted their look based on the times.

While researching this company, we also uncovered that in 1934 Beatrice Miller applied for the bank loan to start this company with her two male partners. She was turned away because sponsoring a woman-owned business was preposterous. Soon after, one of her partners visited the same bank and their loan was approved.

Beatrice was a pioneer in the pottery business and for all women entrepreneurs. Under her leadership and her two male partners, Royal China thrived for the next 50 years. One other side note, their mission was to make affordable china for the general public that were sold in grocery markets, five-and-dime stores, and other small businesses. They were also promotional giveaways for many companies.

Fast forward from the depression era to the 1950s. Royal China launched a new look for their customers. As a sign of the times, the patterns became more whimsical, bold, and colorful. With names like Blue Heaven, Tell Me Yes, Flower Dance, and Leaf Spirit, these patterns spoke to the hip public who wanted more than pretty flowers with gold inlays. Don’t you love the ad with the title, “Meet the Swingers from Royal?”

Although we have patterns from many companies that followed this trend, Royal China leads the pack for us. We are presenting these by their color family – yellows, browns, oranges, blues, blue-greens, and greens. All of these, as you will note, kept to a simple color palette with their bold pattern. Now, let us introduce you to some of our favorite retro patterns!

Hello Yellows!
Casablanca, Jubilee, Damsel, RYL398, Queen’s Rose, Vendome

Buenos Dias BROWNS!
Monterey, Overture, Casa Del Sol, Barcelona, RYL4, Nutmeg, Can Can

Oh la la – ORANGE is next!
Mozambique and Sahara

Bonjour Blues!
Patio, Aurora,Baghdad, Blue Heaven

G’day Greens and Blues!
RYL360, Camelot, RYL86, RYL3, Flower Dance, RYL16

Greetings to the Greens!
RYL 137, RYL325, RYL403

Imagine setting your tables with these super cool, groovy patterns. Along with more retro patterns from other potters in our collection, they will be a natural conversation starter for any event!

Vintage Retro Place Settings with Colored Goblets
Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

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Vintage Red Decor

Vintage Feature – Sprinkle a Little Passion With Vintage Red Decor

Passion, energy, positivity, strength – adding even just a little red to a tablescape promotes all of these sentiments. And, did you know that both your appetite and table conversation can be enhanced with this dynamic color? Knowing this, we went on the hunt to find red among our vintage decor collection. Perhaps these examples will spark a few ideas on how you can invigorate your tablescape and event!

Florals and Bouquets

Florals in Vintage Red Cooler

Candleholders and Lighting

Vintage Tins and Trays

Vintage Books

Vintage Suitcases Plus More

What red decor ideas are you ready to try?

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Vintage Feature – Happy 4th, America

Tomorrow Americans will celebrate the 246th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Towns and homes across the country have donned their banners, flags, and swags in red, white, and blue to recognize the day we mark as America’s birthday.

In recognition of this day of parades, fireworks, and family bbqs, we pulled from our archives images of vintage tableware and decor in red, white, and blue just for you!




Although perfect for a July 4th celebration, these patriotic colors are quite lovely for any event. Happy 4th, all!

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SVT Clients

News – Thanks for Visiting SVT!

Today’s post is not about pretty vintage dishes or goblets; it’s all about the fabulous folks who have visited our studio in search of their vintage jive. Whether planning a wedding reception, birthday party, bridal shower, dinner party, or styled shoot, there’s nothing quite like being amist rows of vintage goblets in almost every color, vintage plates from different decades, shelves filled with teacups, and a room full of decor.

Some folks come solo to concentrate on their own vision; others bring their mother, sister, best friend, planner, and even their florist with whom they share ideas. And, of course, the bride and groom often arrive together to plan their reception tablescape that’s uniquely theirs.

Thank you all again for coming over and chatting with us! We are always excited to share our inventory and witness how your creative tablescape emerges!

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Vintage Whitehall Goblets

Vintage Feature – A Celebration of Numbers: 2021 Update

Seven years to the date, June 13, 2014, Southern Vintage Table celebrated our 1st anniversary! We were quite pleased with our progress during that year and paused to mark our achievements.

Like one of my favorite characters on Sesame Street, Count von Count, I love numbers and it seems like we are always counting at Southern Vintage Table – like, how many vintage blue & white china patterns we have, the number of salad forks in our collection, or the length of a creamy lace overlay.

Sometimes, however, our counting means even more – they mark an achievement – and we have a few of them we’d like to share.  Let’s start the countdown with 10 numbers we are celebrating…

Celebration of Numbers, SVT, June 2014

So, 7 years later, we are pausing one again to see how much some our numbers have changed and what new numbers we’d like to note. From 32,957 to 1, here are the ten numbers we are celebrating today and our favorite number is last!

One – 32,957 Users from 1-1-2020 to 6-13-2021

To us, this number is amazing! In 2013 we had 6,605 views (a little different than users but this is the data we have) on our WordPress blog. Today we have a full scale website that folks from all over the world visit.

Two – 2,772 Pieces of Vintage Flatware 

As before, we didn’t really count each piece but we do have a lot! In 2014 we only collected vintage silver-plated flatware and had enough for 200+ guests. By 2021, we had amassed enough vintage silver-plated and stainless steel pieces to accommodate at least 200+ guests in each variety. Recently, we have added vintage gold-plated to our flatware offerings and now can serve 75 guests. Along with place settings, we have lots of vintage serving pieces – cake servers, tongs, large spoons & forks, pickle forks, and sugar spoons.

This cache of flatware didn’t come so easy – we’ve scoured thrift stores, estate sales, auctions, consignment shops, craigslist, ebay, and more to find these glorious vintage patterns.  Now, that’s certainly an accomplishment to note!

Celebration of Numbers, SVT, June 2014

 Three – 1,996 Pinterest Pins & 667 Intagram Posts

The major force on the social media scene in 2014 was Pinterest. Folks still use Pinterest for ideas, but Instagram has since become the social media queen. In 2014 we had 882 pins on Pinterest; today we have pinned 1,996 images with 32 public boards. A typical monthly viewership is 29,000 but we have hit 78,000.

Our Instagram account has 667 posts and 1,766 followers. These numbers make us dance!

Four – 839 Facebook Likes and 911 Followers

From 280 to 839 Facebook likes, we are grateful for each of you! We love to share with you our new additions as well as our latest events. And, we love to hear from you!

Five – 402 Published Blog Posts

From 71 in 2014 to 403 Sunday posts in 2021, we have expanded our blog post menu to include Southern Vintage Table Events, Vintage Features, Styled Shoots, Vintage Tips, and News.

Check in with us each Sunday to find out more about our latest vintage find, see photos from our most recent event or hear about our vintage adventures. We appreciate each and every visit!

Celebration of Numbers, SVT, June 2014

Six – 200 Vintage Whitehall Glasses in 9 Colors

Our count of vintage Whitehall goblets has grown in two ways – the total count and the number of colors – from 65 to 200 and 6 colors to 9! Many folks grew up with this popular glassware pattern and they evoke many wonderful family memories.

Seven – 7 Shades of Blue Goblets

Wow – 7 shades of blue in our vintage goblet collection! Don’t forget we also have green, yellow, amber, red, purple, pink, peach, white, and clear. How many you ask? Well, we’ll need to get back to you on that!

Eight – Our 8th Year Anniversary!

 Southern Vintage Table has been open for eight years!  Whoo-hoo!

It’s been quite an adventure – collecting, researching, cleaning, repairing, photographing, identifying, writing, posting, washing, archiving, sorting – and we continue to love every part of it. Gosh, how to you thank everyone for their support and kindness?  Simply and sincerely – Thank You.

Celebration of Numbers, SVT, June 2014
Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC
Happy Anniversary, Southern Vintage Table!

 Nine – 9 Vintage Plate Collections

Our vintage plate collection in 2014 totaled about 250 in assorted styles and patterns. Today we have 9 vintage collections or themes of patterns, all of which can be mixed and matched with each other or kept in the same theme. Some vintage collections have about 300, like our blue & white, and others have 30 or so, as in our mostly brown. How many total dinner plates do we have? We’ll get back to you on that, too!

Ten – Our First Grandbaby Arrives!

Our most wondrous number is one – our first grand baby is born – Isla Elaine Dawson. What a wonderful number this one is!

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Decoupaged Eggs on Tree

Vintage Feature – We Adore Easter Decor!

Do you love bunnies, colored eggs, and fresh flowers? Of course you do! That’s what today’s post is all about, and the best part has to be the fresh flowers from Fernrock Farm.

The Easter Tree, filled with dangling decoupaged eggs, was made from a bunch of branches set in concrete and then painted white. I made it last summer and it is one of my favorite decor items because once Easter is over, I’ll adorn it with blue and white decoupaged balls. This year I plan to dangle other cute themed decorations for holidays coming up.

The bunnies and rooster are visiting from our studio and they’ll return there soon. We learned this week that the white rooster, while probably not the real thing, is a close sister to a blanc de chine, “white from china,” figurine. (Thank you, Jami!) We love how it looks with the white vases and we will be on the lookout to add more to our inventory.

The florals are in vintage vases from our studio. Different sizes in white were selected so the bright colors of the tulips and daffodils popped. We think our plan worked!

We hope everyone had a wonderful day. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and birds are singing. Ahhh, the perfection of nature!

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Happy Valentines to All!

“The love you feel in life is a reflection of the love you feel in yourself. “

Deepak Chopra

Today we wish all a Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether it be celebrated with your sweetheart, friends, family, or just yourself, this day is all about love – that inexplicable gift we both receive and give to others. But, perhaps the truest meaning is that love begins with knowing, celebrating, and loving yourself.

We love and thank our clients who participated in our Share the Love offer. We enjoyed planning, collaborating, advertising, and executing the details for you. We are so pleased that you enjoyed the experience, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for making ours unique and special! Shelly, you could not have chosen better for us. I am in love with these plates!


These clients have been instrumental in the planning of a new endeavor – offering intimate vintage “To Go” packages. The first to be launched will be a Tea Party To Go package. We are working on the details so you easily can host a magical and traditional tea party!

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Share The Love Title

News – Announcing our “Share the Love” Valentine’s Packages

Valentine’s Day is three weeks from today! How will you celebrate with your sweetie, family, or friends this year? Do you need something that will brighten this day of love and create an everlasting memory?

We can help you put together an experience that will inspire sweet memories of love, beauty, and togetherness.

Our “Share the Love” Valentine’s package has everything you need to set a romantic tablescape. We will provide carefully selected vintage place settings for two (or more) , vintage table decor with a handcrafted bottle-vase filled with beautiful, everlasting dried florals, coordinating napkin rings, and 4 gourmet cupcakes. Prepare your special meal or order takeout from your favorite restaurant and the memories begin.

Intrigued? Here are four reasons why “Share the Love” is perfect for you!

Reason 1 – Everything included is eco-responsible.
The dishware is vintage, the dried flowers are organically and locally grown, and the gourmet cupcakes come from a local baker.

Reason 2 – Three different vintage themes from which to choose!
Elegantly Classic has sweet, fancy plates; Boldly Botanical features place settings with big, vibrant florals; and Naturally Neutral incorporates earthy tans, beiges and brown. All coordinated pieces complement each package.

Reason 3 – Three local, eco-minded women-owned businesses have collaborated to bring you this collection.

Lisa of Fireside Farm grows organic flowers here in Orange County. Happily Desserted‘s owner, Shrimi, bakes speciality cakes and and uses locally and seasonally available ingredients. Shelly, owner of Southern Vintage Table, curates vintage tableware for rent. The three of us partner with the Green Wedding Guild, an organization whose goal is to help clients choose sustainable options.

Reason 4 – You also will be sharing the love with us!
Our businesses have been affected by the pandemic. If you add takeout from a local restaurant, you’ll be helping four businesses! Your participation supports us during this time until we can safely gather once again. We all will be most appreciative!

Encouragements, questions, or comments? Please let us know!

Ready to take the next step? Simple! Go here!

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