Vintage Tins

News – J’adore La Déco Vintage

The floor in the decor room has been cleared! All the boxes and crates have been unpacked and our vintage items are finding their new spot. These shutters have now become our hanging station for anything with a handle. The vintage planters and tins are coexisting on shelves in the hallway in the back.

Are we finished? Not quite – our blackboard signs and easels need their own spot, the linen room tidied up, and the design of the foyer finalized. One thing for sure – we are loving the flow of the space and being part of the Boone Square community!

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Vintage Blue and White and Milk Glass

News – Vintage Decor Now On Display

May brings weddings and we are busy with rental orders! This coming weekend our vintage wares are headed to 5 events in 4 different towns – Charlotte, Hillsborough, Mebane, and two in Goldsboro. Thank goodness all but one client is picking up from our new studio space and we are getting everything ready, while continuing our unpacking.

Three vignettes are all decked out with our vintage decor, thanks to Janis and her design skills. The blue/white and milk glass are on on shelves in the decor room. Many crates had to get unpacked and more room is opening up!

The next two displays are in foyer, which is now sporting a new floor. This first area is in the nook between the foyer and decor room. After battling 🙂 with Janis about wanting this to be the book area, she convinced us to tell a story with our unique vintage pieces. We love how some of our blackboard signs from a variety of past events have made it on the wall and that decor is sprinkled in with the books. After looking at this photo, we see that more books need to be pulled and replaced with more cool vintage doodads. You win this one, Janis!

The third vignette is on the wall between the main and linen room. Janis pulled all of these pieces together and the final result is awesome! We both agreed that our petite vintage artwork will look sweet flanked on the sides of this shelf.

Our goals this week are to finish the foyer and add a few shelves to the decor room wall, but our first priority is to get everything ready for our clients’ events and celebrations. Thanks for checking in!

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Vintage Amber Glass

News – We Are Almost There!

The main room of Southern Vintage Table is almost finished! Practically all of the dishes are on the shelves, the setting tables are in place, and what remains are a few special touches on the walls. The final design has yet to be finalized but we have several ideas.

Take a look at the progress we made in the decor room! Vintage brass, glass, silver, and wooden candleholders have found their new spot along with most of the wooden pieces and the silver trays. A plan is in place for organizing the rest of these as well as our vintage blue and white decor and milk glass.

Here’s what remains to be organized and shelved, except for a “few things” left in a storage unit. At least now there will be room on the floor for us to be able to sort those boxes. One more week of our studio updates remains! Stay tuned…

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Vintage Cake Stands

News – Vintage Glass Gorgeousness

All of the boxes in the main room have been unpacked! Yay! These beautiful pieces of vintage glassware were in some of the final crates and we love this colorful display in the middle of the room. Also unpacked and on the shelves are the vintage salad and dessert plates and cake stands. The styling tables will be moved in this week and we’ll be ready for our first set of clients.

Progress was made in the decor room, too. With help from Janis, we moved the tables and set up shelves to be filled with our vintage milk glass, candleholders, blue and white decor, and wooden items. Can’t wait to get this room all set up!

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Vintage Teacups on Shelves

News – More Space in our New Space!

It’s the end of week 3 at our new location at Boone Center and floor space is finally opening up! With a plan in place, our vintage plates are getting sorted and stacked on the shelves. Teacups have been matched with their saucers, extra saucers packed in bins, and the last of the goblets unpacked.

In the second main room, the wall of shelving is almost complete, extra crates placed on top, and suitcases displayed. Yep, the floor is clearing up here, too!

Our goals this week include unpacking the rest of containers and moving the tables and chairs into the main room. We also need to clear out the foyer so the floors can be redone. Fingers crossed because we have booked over 10 events May!

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Shelves at Southern Vintage Table

News – Shelves are Filling Up!

It’s now the end of week 2 at our new space at Boone Square. Aisles are opening up, boxes and paper recycled, and plastic crates given away. Our focus has turned to the vintage plate collections. Making decisions regarding a natural flow has been a challenge and we have already changed the design plan several times. Fingers crossed that we have enough shelves for our extensive inventory!

With Priscilla’s help, the middle room has started to take shape. Together we rearranged the shelves under the countertop, moved the tables from the wall to the center, and cleared a space for a set of shelves to be installed. When they are up, our vintage decor room can finally be organized.

Looking through the hallway window, we are feeling quite accomplished. The new Southern Vintage Table studio is shaping up! Can’t wait to see through this window next week when all of those crates are gone and replaced with these two tables.

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Shelves of Vintage Goblets

News – Out and In

Yep, we are out of our previous studio space at the Colonial Business Center and now in our new digs at Suite 14 in the Boone Square. The space is larger, freshly painted, and now filled with boxes and crates packed with our vintage goblets, plates, linens, flatware, and decor.

Our first task was to fill the glassware shelves. After stringing lights, hunting for the crates that contained the goblets, and placing them on the shelves, the vintage glassware collection began to emerge. Here’s our progress after the last two days.

Next, we’ll decide where the vintage plate collections will land, find the crates, and unpack them. Fingers crossed we have enough shelves for the hundreds of dinner, salad, and dessert dishes. We do plan to count them all when we are finished, a long overdue task.

Shout out to the positive, hardworking, supportive teamwork of Dustin, JJ, Mark, and Antonio of Wayforth for doing such an incredible job moving our delicate inventory. They were awesome along with dear friend, Priscilla. We couldn’t have done this without all of you!

Lastly, many thanks to Jay, Sam, and Dink for getting everything ready for us at Suite 14. We appreciate you, too!

The Captain is waiting patiently for her new home to be ready!

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Don't Have Time For This

News – Packing, Packing, and More Packing

Two weeks to go and we have lots to do but we are excited about this move! In the meantime, we’ll be back next week with some new packing photos. 🙂

Have a great week! You know what we’ll be doing!

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News – Southern Vintage Table is on the Move

Call us crazy, nutty, or gluttons for punishment, whatever you’d like, but we are doing it. This month Southern Vintage Table, with its thousands of vintage plates, goblets, dishes, and decor pieces, is moving to a new location. Yippee!

It’s an extraordinary task but we are making great progress with Annie and Hannah’s packing talents. Shelves are emptying, crates filled, and stacks piling up for the professional movers. The dishwasher has already been transported and, by the end of this month, everything else will follow.

We eagerly await filling up the rooms at the new space inside Boone Square. The walls are being painted sage green, countertops installed in the dishwashing room, and fixtures replaced in the main room. Are we excited? You bet!

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