News – New Year, New Look

Today we are launching a new look for Southern Vintage Table! As of now, the same content remains, which we will be revising over the next couple of weeks, but we think you’ll really like the update.

Best wishes for a terrific 2020 and let us know if we can help you with your next shower, wedding reception, dinner party, or gathering. We’d love to help you create a truly memorable affair for all!

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Vintage News – We Are Thankful

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As previous years’ posts have shared, our extended family meets every year for this favorite holiday, continuing a tradition started by our grandparents and parents over 50 years ago. Feasting, sharing memories, and catching up with family makes this holiday so special to all of us.

In honor of this season of gratitude, we want to give thanks for our good fortune at Southern Vintage Table. First, we are most grateful for our clients who have chosen our company to be a part of the wedding, luncheon, shower, dinner party, or corporate gathering. Meeting and helping you create the perfect celebration has been a great honor and sincere pleasure.

In the same vein, an enthusiastic shout out goes to our social media followers for keeping up with our business, liking and commenting on our posts, and just being there for us. We hope you know that showing your social media love is greatly appreciated!

We are also grateful to the creative vendors with whom we have worked to create amazing styled shoots. It is a joy to see how our pieces are used and we appreciate you inviting us to help.

And, finally, we are grateful for our new space. Since moving in last April, we have organized our vintage collections, met with numerous clients, and continue to update our offerings. This month we’ll concentrate on our decor and linens room and then we’ll be ready to give you a virtual tour!

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” A.A. Milne

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News & Updates – Strategizing with Social Media

Delicious food (the grilled cheese sandwich with mozzarella on olive bread was soooo yummy), inspiring speakers, beautiful ambience (complete with enormous chandeliers), and sharing it all with a great friend – we’d say it was a pretty darn good day at the INNfluenced Conference held at the Carolina Inn this past Thursday. With a focus on social media, the speakers shared their successes on growing their business with these tools.

The strategy that caught our attention was how to structure entries on social media accounts so that posting is regular and anticipated. Using themes for certain days of the week, followers will know what to expect and even look forward to that day’s post. We didn’t realize it, but with our weekly Sunday website blog post, one day is already set on both Intagram and Facebook – Sunday’s Blog Post day. We haven’t called it as such but look for it today! (If you have any ideas for a better name, please share!)

Since there are 6 more days to cover, we needed a few more ideas that would jive with our vintage rental business – themes to delight and excite our followers. Here are a few possibilities we have so far …

Whew! Even though we have more ideas than days, we are still brainstorming. Questions we have to consider include – Which ideas will be the best fit with our vintage inventory and rental business? What day of the week pairs best with the focus theme? How do we manage photos, copy, and tags? Once we get it all figured out, we’ll start small, with two or three designated days, and then hopefully expand!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share, because that’s how we all do it better – learning from each other!

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Southern Vintage Table

News – Back to Blogging with Lots to Share!

We are back on our blogging schedule and have soooo many lovely photos to share from bridal luncheons, weddings, and styled shoots. Today we are giving you just a little taste of these wonderful events with this photo collage and plan to do full features on each. Many thanks to our clients, planners, and photographers for sharing these with us!

Photo credits: Top right – Ariel Kaitlin Photography, Second row – Krystal Kast Photography, Light Creative, Hosanna Wilmot Photography; Third Row – September Photography, Kate Overton Photography, Molliner Photography; Header Photograph – Ariel Kaitlin Photography

SVT inventory in photographs – Top row – Vintage dinner plates pink goblets, and napkins – Cake stand with vintage dinner plates – Vintage candelabra, teapot, teacup & saucer; Middle row – Vintage blue and white plates, – Vintage glass candleholders – Vintage suitcases; Bottom row – Vintage centerpieces, serving dishes, & place settings, – Vintage silver tray – Vintage place settings

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC
Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

News – Time for a Brief Blog Hiatus!

The hot, humid, summer weather of beautiful NC has settled in and, with the first of July arriving tomorrow, we’ll be taking this month off from our weekly blog. The opening to this year has been incredibly busy for Southern Vintage Table and during July we’ll be resting, reorganizing our new space a bit, but continuing with our rental services.

So far this year we have shared our vintage wares with 29 clients for their showers, luncheons, birthday parties, corporate celebrations, styled shoots, tea parties, and, of course, wedding receptions. (Photos by Ana Teresa Gailzes, Krista Piper, Kelley Deal, September Photos, Casie Weathers, Magnolia Photography, Stephanie Batten. )

We’re looking forward to the second half of 2019 and the many occasions our vintage treasures will be enjoyed! See you in August!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Vintage News – A Graduation, Tea Party, & Wedding Reception

It’s another fun week ahead for us! Each of our three events next weekend have a unique story and we are pleased to share our vintage wares to each.

Vintage Glass Plates Rental NC
Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Four years ago, our client rented several of our vintage floral tablecloths to celebrate her daughter’s high school graduation. This week, her daughter is graduating from nursing school and she’s invited family and friends to honor this wonderful accomplishment. Again, the floral tablecloths will don her guest tables, along with our vintage glass dinner and dessert plates. So pretty!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental
Vintage Tea Pots Rental NC

Alexa and Alicia, our tea party clients, are hosting their first event for their community organization, The Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties. The Mother’s Day Tea will be held at Hill House, a beautiful, historic home in Durham and we know it’s going to be a huge success! We all are excited to see this day come!

 Landon Jacob Photography.

Final details were being made last September for Cherry and Ned’s wedding but then came an unexpected guest, Hurricane Florence. They may have missed their original date but their nuptials will be this Saturday at this gorgeous venue, The Parlour at Manns Chapel. We are certain the wait is going to be sooo worth it!

So, that’s our week ahead! From Durham to Chapel Hill to Pittsboro, we know our our vintage treasures will be enjoyed and appreciated!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC
Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Vintage News – Move Update and This Week’s Events

Quick update on our move – we are fully in our new space at 222E Orange Grove Street, Hillsborough! The reason why we haven’t shared the full tour is that we have a short task list to complete in between meeting with clients and preparing for events. We hope you love what you see as much as we do! More to come soon.

Now for our busy week ahead – 3 weddings and a tea party! Our four clients all love vintage and each has chosen their own unique look. Here’s what is headed out our studio this weekend.

Our first wedding is at White Lake. Our bride adores pink and has asked that each of the 325 dinner plates feature this romantic color. Yep, we’ll be heading east Friday with 16 filled crates of beautiful vintage plates with pink!

Angus Barn is the venue for the second wedding. Our bride wanted to pick up the blue and white decor in her centerpieces at each guest’s place setting. These vintage blue and white bread plates should be the perfect complement!

Wedding number three will be at Sassafras Fork Farm in Rougemont. To harmonize with this outdoor rustic space, our bride selected our white vintage stoneware and clear goblets. The crisp white will look fabulous against this natural setting.

Our final event is a vintage tea party. Our client chose our Tea Party Package for 24 and we couldn’t be more pleased. The favorite part for us is selecting our favorite teacups – not an easy task since we love so many!

As always, thanks for checking in with us! In between selecting, washing, packing, and delivering, we’ll be working on that to-do list. Have a glorious week!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

New Year, New Goals

It’s time to set new goals for 2019! We have 3 this year and here they are:

Goal 1: Move to a new location!

Our lease is up in March so it’s time to relocate to a place of our own. Sharing a unit for the past two years has helped build our confidence but we are ready to go solo! With several options on the table, we should have our new space selected in a few weeks.

Goal 2: Create a weekly to-do list.

When you own your business and do it all, it can be difficult to manage every aspect. For instance, there’s the physical part – inventory to maintain, orders to filled by selecting, packing, and washing and then washing and putting everything away. There’s delivery/pickup and cleaning tasks. The other arena of work includes answering and sending emails, paying bills, maintaining the website, posting on social media, writing a weekly post, and researching new inventory. So, with all of these different tasks to manage, we want to create a weekly to-do list that addresses both the immediate needs as well as maintenance requirements. Whew.

Goal 3: Set a monthly thrift store budget. Gulp.

This will undoubtedly be a toughie! We love to pop in thrift stores to browse the latest inventory and even though we occasionally have walked in and walked out, most of the time we leave with something. Vintage shopping overlaps business and pleasure but we need to set a limit. What that limit is has yet to be determined. 🙂

See how excited I am – it’s my first time in this store!

That’s it! Moving, writing to-do lists, and limiting thrift shopping. We can do it!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Farewell 2018 and Cheers to 2019!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Happy new year everyone!

Looking back on 2018 through these beautiful photographs gives us much to be grateful for – our creative clients, talented photographers, amazing venues, and fantastic vendors. We loved meeting and collaborating with you all and hope the new year brings us together again!

We are proud of the accomplishments we have made during 2018 and are excited about the possibilities of the new year ahead!

Photographers from top right to bottom left:
Katy Cook – Kivus & Camera – Tugba Tuncer – Shelly Heath – Sam Wise Floyd – JP Pratt – Amaris – Natalie E – Amaris – Radian – Shelly Heath – Stephanie Batten – Rebecca Ames – Shelly Heath – Sean True – Tugba Tuncer

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC