Colored Vintage Goblets and Peg Votives

Scenes from SVT – January 15, 2023

The new year brings new visitors, new vintage tableware and decor, and an unexpected refresh on the studio.

Our visitors this month are planning baby showers and weddings. Even with individual tastes and visions, the vintage vibe look was apparent. Every tablescape was unique and everyone commented about how much fun they had. This always makes us happy!

New vintage goblets have made their way onto our shelves – gray, dusky blue, pink, and yellow. We also added a few more patterns to our inventory – a bright blue and white set and some groovy boho plates. Finally, we couldn’t help ourselves – even though we have so many vintage suitcases, this pair is really special.

Our last update was an unfortunate surprise on Christmas Eve. Remember that real cold spell we had with temperatures diving into the teens? Well, a pipe In the business next to us burst and water went everywhere – not only in that business but under the adjacent walls to three other spaces, including ours.

Thankfully, the water damage was minimal and the restoration crew came quickly with dehumidifiers and fans. After we cleared the hallway and dishwasher room, they took up the carpet and we painted the concrete floor black. Looks so chic! The rugs in the main room are being professionally cleaned and we are awaiting their return. After reorganizing a bit, we are even more ready for the upcoming wedding season! Kudos to our landlord for all of his help.

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Southern Vintage Table Studio

Scenes from SVT – November 27, 2022

Hi there! This week’s Scenes from SVT includes brass centerpieces used on our family’s Thanksgiving table, new vintage plate patterns, a “sneak peek” from a recent wedding, a sister visit, and the latest setting table’s tablescape at our studio.

Our large family reunion had to be postponed again this year due to sickness but we enjoyed a grand feast at my sister’s home. The food was amazing – my sisters are great chefs – and we helped by providing fall centerpieces and table coverings. Filled with grasses, fresh eucalyptus, and fir sprigs our understated decor fit this season’s gathering.

We did do some baking for the feast – the lime tarts and sweet potato pie came with us!

Here are our new vintage plates! The second, third, and fourth were gifted to us by Carrie, Lee, and Margaret. We and our future clients thank you! Your family heirlooms will be enjoyed by many.

Now for the best photo of the day – this is a sneak peek shared by Shannon of her daughter’s wedding tables. Our vintage amber goblets gleam and glow on their tables. More will be coming.

Destiny Lee Photography

Our sisters’ visit was fun! Rowena came hunting for vintage pieces for her tapas wine party. Pink is her favorite color and, no surprise, she managed to incorporate it into her Christmas theme. With vintage pink and red goblets, colorful vintage small plates, gold flatware, and assorted decor, her guests will be delighted!

Lastly, sister Janis immediately admonished us because we had not decorated for Christmas. After they left, this pretty vintage cloth was pulled out, along with vintage wood candleholders, candles, and a wooden tray. Also, lots of pine cones, which we always have on hand. Not too bad for a quick makeover!

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Vintage Teal Goblets

Scenes from SVT – November 13, 2022

Hi all! We are happy you have checked in with us this week! Today you’ll see who came by this past weeks for a consultation, some new additions to our vintage colored glassware collection, and a few other cool items we’ve picked up. Lastly, we have made a progress in one corner of the main room that we are quite pleased to show you.

First, you may have noticed that we have a new rustic table in the main room. Bought at closing sale at a local country store, it needed a little work. Nails, staples, and tacks were removed and then the entire surface was sanded. The table was finally transformed with a coating of beeswax. We love the final look!

These lovely people came by these past two weeks to design their wedding reception tables. They all enjoyed having the hands-on opportunity to experience this process as their personalities came through with their unique tablescapes.

New vintage goblets are now on the shelves! We added more blue, amber, light teal, and pink goblets. Some of these will be packed for next weekend’s wedding!

A few other items came in this week! Blue and yellow go so well together and we now have four accent pieces. Take a look at the black candelabra we found. Who will be the first to use this one?

Finally, this corner in the front room is better organized. Inside those bins are vintage mugs and teacups sorted by color and style. They are ready for that hot mug of cocoa, tea, or coffee you’ll be serving at your soiree!

This coming week our vintage teacups and salad plates are headed to a book club meeting in Durham and over 150 amber goblets will adorn wedding reception tables in Goldsboro. Hope you all have a great week!

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Fall Foliage in NC

Scenes from SVT – October 29, 2022

The fall foliage is exceptional in North Carolina this year! No need to travel to the mountains – the beautiful colored leaves are right here and we are all delighted by their splendor. Driving to and from venues with our vintage wedding tableware was quite a treat!

Let’s start with our visitors. A bride wanted to select her vintage pieces and she brought her mom and close family friend. They had a great time and were quite organized in selecting and packing. Our involvement was minimal so her vision was truly her own!

Next, our recent additions! We have a new set of blue and white dinner plates by a company new to us – Swinnerton Pottery. This family has a long history, tracing their ancestors to the 1300s in England. The pottery company started in 1911 and ended in 1973. Look for the couple working in the field, the church on the other side of the river, and two boats on the river. Much to see!

We also found these cute dessert plates with handprinted poppy pods. There’s no mark on the back but it’s probably a midcentury pattern made in the US. You can see they are handprinted because each plate is slightly different.

We found two more vintage milk glass candleholders and our numbers are now 15. Filled with colorful candles, they look amazing! This collection started with one several years back and it’s taken a while to find more but once in a while we get lucky!

Lastly, a few more vintage light blue goblets are now on the shelves. The Fostoria Moonstone pattern from the 1960s is quite beautiful and we were stumped by the cameo inside the moonstone design. Not all of them feature this silhouette and we wondered who she is. After researching a bit, we found the answer. Not gonna share this one just yet, but here’s a hint. Her name appears in many different places – an island in Canada, many streets in both America and England, a creek in Australia, and even a locomotive. She was quite revered and loved! (Oh yeah, she’s not from the United States and lived during the 1800s.)

We will leave you with one final image – the colors in this tablecloth are vibrant and the centerpiece is framed with a vintage tray with vintage teapots and a compote. Three of our decoupaged treasures fit the pattern nicely, don’t you think?

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Vintage Brass Cricket Boxes

Scenes from SVT – October 16, 2022

Hi everyone! We have lots to share in this week’s Scenes from SVT, from clients to studio updates to newly added inventory. First, how do you like our new outside look? After asking just about anyone and everyone to offer suggestions about this and that, we think we’ve got a winning look!

We had one wedding this past weekend and it was really fun to pack up Heather and Preston’s rentals. Their order included clear vases and bottles, green and amber goblets, stainless flatware, coupe champagne goblets, lots of brass candleholders, easels and blackboards, picture frames, and, our favorite, our vintage microscope. Darn it, we took only one photo – this one – of the clear vases and bottles. But, we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll see more from their wedding!

Caroline and Todd visited and set up the coolest sample table for their wedding next year. With their glorious vibe, we really enjoyed chatting with these two dedicated nurse anesthesiologists. And – yay! – Todd’s Bills won this weekend! (I had to ask what team his hat represented. 🙂 )

The rest of October is super crazy fun busy with 8 weddings over the next two weeks. One option we offer our clients is to come before the wedding to pick out their items. This week we have two brides who wanted to do this. Today Samantha and her parents came to pick out the assorted vintage dinner plates and clear goblets for her wedding taking place this weekend at Debbie’s Vineyard in Albemarle. Our second bride is coming Wednesday with her mom to make their selections. Not only does the client get to handpick each piece but they always comment how much fun they had!

These awesome vintage cricket boxes are headed to a wedding at the Barn of Vallhala this weekend along with our abalone embellished candleholders. Candelabras and amber peg votives are also part of the decor. We love all of this!

Now, as a final hurrah, here is the newly organized linen room. A few bins need more attention but we can now see and find our napkins, tablecloths, and such. This was a biggie!

These vintage colored goblets were added to our inventory last week. It’s uncommon to find so many at one shop and we thank Priscilla and Sarah for finding them!

That’s it, folks! If we haven’t recently said it, here it is: we truly and absolutely appreciate you!

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Vintage Tea Party Dishes

Scenes from SVT – October 2, 2022

What a wild weekend here in NC! Hurricane Ian almost kept us from our weekly blog post but cable was restored earlier this evening just in time. Whew!

Last week a client and her friend came to the studio to select the vintage plates and goblets for her wedding that was taking place that weekend. One by one, they set each table with plates and goblets and then packed them by tables for easy setup. How many you might wonder? 150!

And, courtesy of An Event to Remember, here are two photos of their final tables. Don’t they look fabulous? Do you recognize the vintage plate in the first photo? That was one of our latest additions featured two weeks ago on our blog. It’s already a favorite!

We had so much fun packing for a birthday tea party that’s taking place this week in the mountains. The main colors for the tables of 4 were yellow, purple, pink, dark blue, green, and light blue. WIth our vintage teapots, teacups and saucers, salad plates, lemon plates, sugar and creamers, curd dishes, napkins, and flatware, the only things left are the tea and food!

Now for our new additions. We found one of each of the following dinner plates. The first is called Black Peony by Churchill. Hope we can find more of these! The second is also pretty awesome -made in the USA by Royal China. After searching online, we couldn’t find this pattern anywhere so it must be pretty rare. More goblets were added to our collection of vintage colored goblets. Amber is one of our most popular colors, especially in the fall, and these will be headed out next week!

Thanks again for checking in with us. Our latest project is the linen room New shelving units will replace the three dressers to provide much needed room so we can finally keep the door open!

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Vintage Colored Goblets

Scenes from SVT – September 18, 2022

Hey there! Time to share what we’ve been doing these past two weeks and it’s been anything but humdrum!

First, four groups of clients came by to select pieces for their events – 3 weddings and 1 styled shoot. As usual, they each had a different vintage vision and we really enjoyed meeting them and seeing what they chose.

We also are working with a client via email, FaceTime, and photos because she isn’t able to come to our studio. Her vibrant vibe includes a mix of bright colors and we are excited that she’s using our vintage teapots for her bouquets of red roses!

Now, this isn’t the most amazing photo but it does show that we often need to soak napkins after an event. These have been in their bath for several days before going into the washing machine. And, almost all of the stains came out!

Here’s a new addition to our vintage delicate floral collection. Aren’t these gorgeous? We forgot to note the name and maker of this gorgeous pattern so expect an update.

Lastly, Priscilla, Janis, Sarah and I set these dreamy tables at Lavendar Oaks Farm Saturday. It turned out that it was a mini McDougle reunion because Lisa from Fireside Farms was there adding the florals and greenery. (Priscilla, Lisa, and I all taught at MMS and have remained friends years later.)

Two more weddings were happening this weekend – one in the mountains and the other in South Carolina – and we are grateful they were able to pickup and return! Have a great week!

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Vintage Pink Glassware

Scenes from SVT – September 3, 2022

So many pretty things to share today! It’s been two weeks since our last “Scenes from SVT” and we have continued to work on both the organization and aesthetics of our studio. WIth the expertise of sister Janis, we reorganized the vintage colored and clear glass shelves. We are really happy with the results!

The cabinet at the front end gets re-decorated pretty often as new items come in. Those amazing pine cones and urn were gifted by Priscilla. We love them!

After tomorrow’s wedding at the Merrimon-Wynne, our vintage wares were part of 6 weddings at 6 different venues in the past two weeks – The Waverly, Lavendar Oaks, The Earth Sanctuary at Timberlake, The RIckhouse, and The Victorian. Vintage purple, pink, blue, clear, and green goblets donned tables as well as flatware, napkins, and vintage elegant florals and classic blue and white plates. After selecting, packing, washing, and covering the crates in plastic, we roll the crate-filled carts to an aisle, ready to be delivered to the venue.

On occasion clients are unable to visit the studio because of the distance from their location. Here’s a display of plates for a client to approve for her very eclectic and vintage September wedding. She loved them!

Lastly, we have added a few things to our inventory. We found two plates of this adorable vintage Royal USA pattern (RYL325) at a thrift store visit on our way back from one delivery. And, we came upon 5 more vintage amber goblets which have been very popular this fall. They really do sparkle on the tables. Thanks for checking in this week!

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Vintage Retro Plates

Scenes from SVT – August 21, 2022

Let’s get started on our latest Scenes from SVT! First, we had two sets of client visits at the studio. One couple really liked the blue and white theme for their 2023 summer wedding. Green and amber were the primary colors preferred by our second bride who has a fall 2023 wedding date. The best part of their visits is that they enjoyed creating their own vintage table design. Oh yeah, the medley of retro plates in the header are connected to a bride we are remotely helping with her tablescape.

With the basics in place, we continue to personalize the space with more of our vintage finds. More pictures, trays, and plates are going up in the entrance and main room. Our favorite update? The hanging light over the table!

We also are gearing up for a busy weekend ahead! We have 3 weddings and we will be headed to Whitsett, Chapel Hill, and Waverly, Virginia. Pink, blue, purple, and clear goblets, a total of 470, have been washed, and plates selected. Washing plates, wrapping crates, and selecting the brass decor are on the agenda for tomorrow!

Have a great week ahead!

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