Vintage Silver Tea Pots

Scenes from SVT – August 7, 2022

We have a lot to reveal from our studio at Boone Square! First, we had three sets of clients and all designed their own unique vintage look. The first set of guests were designing for an ElopeNC styled shoot around April’s gemstone, the diamond. Using the sparkle from vintage glass plates, clear goblets, and crystal bobeches on glass candleholders, we think their design was “brilliant!”

The second two visitors were couples planning their 2023 weddings. A garden theme with vintage goblets of blue, green, pink, and yellow and dainty vintage plates to coordinate will be so pretty for the first couple’s April wedding. Classic vintage blue and white was exactly what the next couple wanted for their reception tables. Both couples were delighted with their designs and we were, too!.

Now to the studio updates! The vintage silver area needed a bit more organization so we added more teapots to the walls and sorted the trays in drawers. The vintage patina on the creamers, sugar dishes, and teapots add such character and they look lovely filled with florals! The trays seen in the first photo can serve as chargers and appetizer offerings would look mighty special on those larger handled trays. Also, notice in the last photo that we have several ice buckets for chilling wine, juices, and drinks.

The blue hue you see through the front windows are from grow lights that were installed last week. We’ll be adding a few more plants to this area. And, the sign from the previous studio has been cleaned up a bit and is now on display outside our door. Yay!

Lastly, the open wall in the main room has been bedecked with a large mirror and vintage floral gallery. (Darn, we see that the reflection is not exactly want we intended so that needs to be investigated! Hopefully, it’s just the angle in which we took the photo.)

That’s it for our update. A few more projects and we’ll start planning for an open house to be announced in the near future and, you will be invited!

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Vintage Metal Goblets

Scenes from SVT – July 24, 2022

It’s been a busy two weeks since our last “Scenes from SVT” blog – lots of visitors, table designs, and fun!

We are tackling the decor room with a real purpose. The vintage red tables from The Big Barn at Daniel Boone are headed to Habitat in Hillsborough and being replaced with a new set of metal shelves. With John’s help, they were assembled and the other shelving pieced together. A tall set of shelves were moved from another room, now ready to be filled. The aisles have opened up and will be much easier to navigate.

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Vintage Dinner Plates

Scenes from SVT – July, 2022

We’ve added some white lights and a boho rag banner!

Here’s our second installment of Scenes from SVT!

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Stacked Vintage Teacups

News – New Blog, New Blog Category, New Blogging Schedule !

We are back! It’s been a good break and we feel a bit behind because there are many events and news to share! Today we kick off our new blogging schedule with a fresh category called, “Scenes from SVT”. On these weeks, you’ll see images from behind the scenes, pretty vintage items, or visitors to SVT with limited text. The other weeks will be a longer blog as we will showcase an event, styled shoot, feature, tips, or adventure. (Geez, it’s been a while since we’ve been on an adventure! We’ll have to remedy this asap!)

Today is the debut of “Scenes from SVT“. We think it’s a great beginning!

Our most recent visitors…

A few updated areas at the studio…

Lastly, a few pretties… (Psst – the hydrangeas are from our yard!)

And, a final photo of me with a black eye – when a trumpet falls, it leaves a mark!

Thanks for visiting! We are back on schedule so be on the lookout for our latest Sunday’s post!

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