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News – From Burlington to Wilmington and a Few Stops In Between

Our blog hiatus is over and we have jumped back in with full force! This week has been busy – really good busy – and we are pleased that our vintage wares have been a part of 3 weddings and a styled shoot. Our clients rented an array of vintage items – retro, floral and blue & white dinner plates, clear and colored goblets, stainless flatware, glass salad plates, and a lovely hodge-podge variety of dessert plates. Three clients, three different visions, and all incorporating vintage for their guests’ tables.

Why is this notable? It means we have a great collection of vintage items that appeals to a variety of clients. Some love the patterns and designs, others want to uniquely express themselves in their table setting, but most are interested in being eco-responsible by reusing these treasures from the past.

SVT has the something old while doing something green – sharing beautiful vintage items in a responsible, ecological manner. Whether you are looking for classic green crinkle goblets or the delicate pink dinner plates, choosing us means you are choosing green. From vintage plates to vintage decor, our inventory is eco-friendly, rescued, restored, and ready for you to appreciate and share with your guests.

Vintage Feature – Something Old is Something Green

Next week we’ll share why we needed that two week blog break and it’s personal – happy, life-changing, and super cute!

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