Vintage Teacup and Plate

Southern Vintage Table Events – An Afternoon Birthday Tea Party

Celebrating a birthday with friends is always wonderful and when you add a tea party to the mix, the occasion transforms into a chic affair! This occasion was orchestrated by Curtis of The Rocky Face Tavern in Canton for his client and we were delighted to share our vintage tea collection with them.

After several emails with Curt, we prepared the order – for each guest there was a vintage teacup, small plate, and silver-plated flatware. For each table, we included a tiered stand, two teapots, sugar and creamer, compotes for jam and curd, and a lemon dish. Assorted serving flatware, including tiny spoons and sugar tongs, were packed.

Pieces were grouped by colors – green, pink, light blue, maroon, yellow, and blue/white – so each table had a unique look. To help the venue with the setup, we took photos of each theme and then organized them in the racks and crates accordingly.

Curt shared that it was a grand success! From looking at his photos, you can see that guests arrived in style with hats and gloves, ready for an afternoon tea with friends. Looking forward to working with you again, Curt!

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