Vintage Amber Glass

News – We Are Almost There!

The main room of Southern Vintage Table is almost finished! Practically all of the dishes are on the shelves, the setting tables are in place, and what remains are a few special touches on the walls. The final design has yet to be finalized but we have several ideas.

Take a look at the progress we made in the decor room! Vintage brass, glass, silver, and wooden candleholders have found their new spot along with most of the wooden pieces and the silver trays. A plan is in place for organizing the rest of these as well as our vintage blue and white decor and milk glass.

Here’s what remains to be organized and shelved, except for a “few things” left in a storage unit. At least now there will be room on the floor for us to be able to sort those boxes. One more week of our studio updates remains! Stay tuned…

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