Shelves at Southern Vintage Table

News – Shelves are Filling Up!

It’s now the end of week 2 at our new space at Boone Square. Aisles are opening up, boxes and paper recycled, and plastic crates given away. Our focus has turned to the vintage plate collections. Making decisions regarding a natural flow has been a challenge and we have already changed the design plan several times. Fingers crossed that we have enough shelves for our extensive inventory!

With Priscilla’s help, the middle room has started to take shape. Together we rearranged the shelves under the countertop, moved the tables from the wall to the center, and cleared a space for a set of shelves to be installed. When they are up, our vintage decor room can finally be organized.

Looking through the hallway window, we are feeling quite accomplished. The new Southern Vintage Table studio is shaping up! Can’t wait to see through this window next week when all of those crates are gone and replaced with these two tables.

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