Shelves of Vintage Goblets

News – Out and In

Yep, we are out of our previous studio space at the Colonial Business Center and now in our new digs at Suite 14 in the Boone Square. The space is larger, freshly painted, and now filled with boxes and crates packed with our vintage goblets, plates, linens, flatware, and decor.

Our first task was to fill the glassware shelves. After stringing lights, hunting for the crates that contained the goblets, and placing them on the shelves, the vintage glassware collection began to emerge. Here’s our progress after the last two days.

Next, we’ll decide where the vintage plate collections will land, find the crates, and unpack them. Fingers crossed we have enough shelves for the hundreds of dinner, salad, and dessert dishes. We do plan to count them all when we are finished, a long overdue task.

Shout out to the positive, hardworking, supportive teamwork of Dustin, JJ, Mark, and Antonio of Wayforth for doing such an incredible job moving our delicate inventory. They were awesome along with dear friend, Priscilla. We couldn’t have done this without all of you!

Lastly, many thanks to Jay, Sam, and Dink for getting everything ready for us at Suite 14. We appreciate you, too!

The Captain is waiting patiently for her new home to be ready!

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