Vintage Brass Candleholders

News – Come On In to Our Decor and Linen Room!

We did it! That scary decor and linen room is now freshly organized, thanks to some solid, used store shelving we found on marketplace. With its basic framing, we added more shelving to fit our vintage decor inventory. The total time for this redo was, well, a lot of hours and sore arm muscles, but we are quite pleased with the final results. So, come on in!

Pretty impressive, huh? Here’s a quick tour!

Most of the shelving is devoted to our extensive vintage candle holder collection. With an assortment of glass, brass, silver-plated, pewter, wood, and speciality taper holders, we provide clients with many options to consider. We also have candelabras, pillar columns, peg votives for taper holders, as well as glass votives.

Our vintage linens now have a place to be; however, there’s more sorting to do. We are happy there is space to pull the bins from the shelves and easily view what we have!

The vintage kitchen decor may be one of our favorite collections – scales, sifters, graters, hand mixers, and rolling pins. Vintage books, easels, clocks, and cameras are also fun decor items to incorporate into an event theme. Using these takes some creative thinking out-of-the-box and we’d love to brainstorm with you!

Most of our vintage silver-plate collection is now organized here – and easily seen on the new shelving. Teapots and creamers are in the main front room, and together, our collection is quite substantial for those of you who love this vintage look.

One huge benefit to the additional shelving is getting our vintage suitcases separated on shelving. We really tried to curate this collection but couldn’t cull anything! Maybe someday we’ll have to pass some on but not today. (BTW – Those trumpets have an interesting story behind them – yep, it was a crazy day at the auction!)

What’s next on our list? The workroom area needs a bit more work since it became the place “where you put stuff you don’t know what to do with just yet.” 🙂 Look for that update coming soon! Thanks for visiting!

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