News – 3 Reasons We Are Grateful This Week

Fernrock Farm flowers

Reason 1 – Spring is here! So happy to see new growth on the trees, bright flowers, and longer days. Yay!

Reason 2 – We had a surprise delivery from Fernrock Farm! What a wonderful treat to find this assortment of blooms on our porch Monday morning. This floral package is a sample “make your own bouquet kit” that will be offered soon. Be sure to follow Fernrock Farm for the lastest in classes and offerings.

Fernrock Farm flowers
Fernrock Farm flowers

Reason 3 – We are planning to be busy soon because most of our spring and early summer clients have been able to reschedule their weddings. Thank goodness! Although we’ve had cancellations – all with good reason and sincere regret – we will be okay and even more ready to help you create a memorable, eco-friendly, vintage event!

We know you have reasons to be grateful, too. Take care and stay well.

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