Lace with Vintage Pins

News – A New Year Cheer from Southern Lady!

A bit of cheer was sent to us to start our new year!! The delightful news was the publication of an article that appears in the January/February 2021 issue of Southern Lady for which we were consulted. The article is beautifully presented in this lovely publication and we are so pleased to be mentioned.

The Legacy of Lace
Touting both a rich history and perennial popularity, heirloom lace is unwavering in its versatile appeal.
Written by Elizabeth Bonneer Czapski
Styled by Melissa Sturdivant Smith
Photographed by Stephanie Welbourne Steele.

Here’s an excerpt from the article which mentions us:

At Southern Vintage Table, an antique tableware rental company in Hillsborough, North Carolina, owner Shelly Heath shares a fascination with lace that she’s acquired for her events. But, she also believes that much of its draw, especially in our region, lies in nostalgic merit. “I think folks appreciate vintage lace because of the delicate and intricate designs as much as its personal history,” Shelly explains.

“If it has been handed down from previous generations, it carries a sentimental value that is priceless. Lace is also versatile – as a table covering, a hankerchief, or an embellishment on {clothing}.”

Southern Lady Magazine, Jan/Feb 2021, pages 45-50.

Of course, we are truly honored to have been asked about our deep appreciation for vintage lace. Our collection at Southern Vintage Table includes lace doilies, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, napkins, and even a boho-inspired lace curtain-backdrop. Let us know if you’d like to add a bit of lace to your next event!

PS – This is our second mention in Southern Lady! 🙂

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Happy Holidays

” And so happy Christmas 
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones 
Let’s stop all the fights

A very merry Christmas 
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one 
Without any fears”

Happy Xmas – John Lennon & Yoko Ono

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Vintage Wedding Table

Southern Vintage Table Events – Merry Hill Styled Shoot Photos are in!

It’s always an exciting day when the photographer sends the gallery from an event in which your wares were featured! These photos, courtesy of Jaclyn Auletta Photography, are magnificent and we know you will enjoy every single detail! (Pssst – The last photo was a treat for us to see – two masked vendor friends posing after setting the table. Thank you, Jaclyn!)

Obsessed like us? Check out a more complete pictorial story on Jaclyn’s blog post. You will not be disappointed; we promise!

Vendor Team
Planner and Stylist – Keys Events
Venue = Merry Hill Weddings
Photographer – Jaclyn Auletta Photography
Florals – Folie à Deux Events
Linens – CE Rental
Chairs and Bar – Oak City Event Rental
Cake – Maryanne Harris Cakes
Stationery – Safari Calligraphy
Tableware and Decor – Southern Vintage Table

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Vintage Adventures – On the Road

The search for vintage blue & white plates can take one on many adventures and here we are, headed to Sanford to pick up a set of Blue Meissen china from an estate sale. Safely in the back seat is our masked vintage hunter partner, Priscilla.

When you can combine a vintage adventure with great conversation, you know you must be living right!! And, to add another layer of goodness, Priscilla has a keen eye for the unusual and takes amazing photographs on her travels. These scenic photos of Sanford are hers and add a wonderful historic flavor to today’s post.

We browsed the estate sale and both of us picked up some of Betty’s treasures, including two sets of embroidered vintage napkins, wooden candleholders and napkin rings, and a gorgeous set of vintage floral blue and white china.

We had two more thrift stores on our vintage adventure and came home with a box of candles, a few tablecloths, two candelabras and a set of vintage goblets. Priscilla bought a platter, some vintage books, and wooden spoons. At each stop, we were pleased to see that everyone wore masks and hand sanitizer was available.

No thrift store adventure is complete without a food break, usually one that includes barbecue. 🙂 Since it was on the way home, Allen & Son’s BBQ was our last stop. Their bbq, slaw, and sweet potato fries are amazing as well as the fried flounder sandwich. Since there is no dining inside, we ordered takeout and headed home with our food and a trunk full of new “old” things.

Not our ride, but a treat to see!

Sometimes all you need is a great friend and a tank of gas. “

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Bar at Merry Hill

Southern Vintage Table Event – A Beautiful Day for a Keys Events Styled Shoot at Merry Hill

Merry Hill Shoot

Finally, a glorious cool September day – perfect to be outdoors at Merry Hill for a Keys Events styled shoot. Originally, our two companies were set to be part of a vendor wedding team on this day, but, alas, things didn’t quite work out. When Monique suggested that we join her team of vendors for a shoot on this day, we immediately said “yes”. How splendid it was!

Styled shoots have always been a great means to meet new vendors and experiment with creative designs; however, they have become the saving grace for many vendors during this pandemic year. We have been able to keep busy, stay focused on our business, and work alongside other vendors in a shared creative enterprise. Typically, SVT might be part of 2-3 styled shoots in a year – so far this year, we have participated in 5 and have 5 more on the calendar. We have met many new folks in the wedding industry and visited several new venues. As the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

With our masks donned, Monique of Keys Events and Jaclyn of Jaclyn Auletta Photography worked together to get that perfect shot. It’s always inspirational to see our fellow vendors in their element. These two professionals collaboratively hummed along, getting the most out of the setup.

The photos shared today are our own and we’ll be eager to share Jaclyn’s professional images. Armed with a new iPhone 11, we loved focusing on our vintage wares, especially those placed on the bar provided by Oak City Rental Events. And, with Folie a Deux Events’ luscious florals, this vignette on Merry Hill’s front porch was so pretty!

Vendor Team
Planner and Stylist – Keys Events
Venue = Merry Hill Weddings
Photographer – Jaclyn Auletta Photography
Florals – Folie à Deux Events
Linens – CE Rental
Chairs and Bar – Oak City Event Rental
Cake – Maryanne Harris Cakes
Stationery – Safari Calligraphy
Tableware and Decor – Southern Vintage Table

Enjoy your Labor Day holiday! SVT’s vintage items will travel Wednesday to Gibsonville. Bess and Beau Event Design will be styling 4 different shoots, all in one day! Since we are unable to attend, we’ll be extremely excited to see these photographs!

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Vintage Wildflower Stoneware

Vintage Feature – Three Tell-Tale Signs that Fall is Near

Vintage Napkin on Vintage Stoneware Plate

Summer has been brutal here in the NC with high temps and humidities, and though fall won’t be official until mid September, these three tell-tale signs tell us it’s closing in.

First, next weekend is our beloved Labor Day. This year most of us will be staying at home, like every day since March, but Labor Day sales will still go on and we’ll be shopping online, much like we’ve done for the past 5 months. Sure wish thrift stores offered online shopping!

Second, everything pumpkin is the rage again – when you can buy a pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin muffins, you know fall is coming. Yay! We just happen to love pumpkin anything!

Third, the favored color palette evolves from sweet pinks and blues to vibrant hues of amber, orange, red, and brown. Whether featured on a wreath, porch, or dinner table, these traditional fall colors add excitement and richness, and, with that extra touch of vintage, the look is memorably fabulous. Here are some of our favorite vintage fall tablescape looks.

Vintage Stoneware Place Settings on Table

Fall is coming and we are here to help with your event!

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Vintage Twin Decor Header

Vintage Feature – Vintage Twins

Yesterday was my birthday. No need to reveal which one 🙂 but I will tell you that I share this day with my twin brother. I think we were about 3 or 4 in this photo and living an idyllic life, free to roam the neighborhood with our 5 other siblings, hop boats docked at the pier, and stroll down to the bay beach to find horseshoe crabs. Many years later, I fondly remember these days but my birthday is also a reminder that my twin is no longer here in the physical world. He is sorely missed by so many, and although we think of him every single day, our shared birthday will always be a day of remembrance. ‘Til we meet again.

So, as a bonafide vintage twin, we decided to showcase some vintage twin decor pieces in our inventory because sometimes things are better in twos. By no means is this an inclusive list, but instead features an array of lovely paired treasures.

We are virtually available for consults and meetings to see these and other cool vintage pieces. Have a great week ahead!

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Vintage Amber Goblets

Southern Vintage Table Event – Declaring Golden Love

For some couples, much-anticipated nuptials just can’t wait. Postponing their family and friends’ celebration until next year, Tina and Zack wanted to get married on their original wedding day. With planning help from Stephanie Milosh of Beauty and the Budget Events, the couple stylishly eloped in their back yard with their parents in attendance. Emily of Windsor Grey Photography beautifully documented this lovely day.

Our contribution, albeit small, were the glistering golden vintage goblets on the dinner table. They are fabulously festive and we hope they helped make this elopement even more memorable.

Best wishes to you two! We are certain your friends and family look forward to celebrating with you in 2021!

Windsor Grey Photography
Beauty and the Budget Events
Victoria Park Florist
Taylor Street Sweets
Southern Vintage Table

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Vintage Brass Candleholders

News – Come On In to Our Decor and Linen Room!

We did it! That scary decor and linen room is now freshly organized, thanks to some solid, used store shelving we found on marketplace. With its basic framing, we added more shelving to fit our vintage decor inventory. The total time for this redo was, well, a lot of hours and sore arm muscles, but we are quite pleased with the final results. So, come on in!

Pretty impressive, huh? Here’s a quick tour!

Most of the shelving is devoted to our extensive vintage candle holder collection. With an assortment of glass, brass, silver-plated, pewter, wood, and speciality taper holders, we provide clients with many options to consider. We also have candelabras, pillar columns, peg votives for taper holders, as well as glass votives.

Our vintage linens now have a place to be; however, there’s more sorting to do. We are happy there is space to pull the bins from the shelves and easily view what we have!

The vintage kitchen decor may be one of our favorite collections – scales, sifters, graters, hand mixers, and rolling pins. Vintage books, easels, clocks, and cameras are also fun decor items to incorporate into an event theme. Using these takes some creative thinking out-of-the-box and we’d love to brainstorm with you!

Most of our vintage silver-plate collection is now organized here – and easily seen on the new shelving. Teapots and creamers are in the main front room, and together, our collection is quite substantial for those of you who love this vintage look.

One huge benefit to the additional shelving is getting our vintage suitcases separated on shelving. We really tried to curate this collection but couldn’t cull anything! Maybe someday we’ll have to pass some on but not today. (BTW – Those trumpets have an interesting story behind them – yep, it was a crazy day at the auction!)

What’s next on our list? The workroom area needs a bit more work since it became the place “where you put stuff you don’t know what to do with just yet.” 🙂 Look for that update coming soon! Thanks for visiting!

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Vintage Doilies

News – SVT is Featured in the September 2020 issue of Southern Lady Magazine

Last summer we were contacted by Elizabeth Czapski, an editor with Southern Lady magazine, to share our experience with vintage linens. They were working on an article that embraced their history, beauty, and repurposed uses for today. We corresponded several times about Southern Vintage Table and specifically about linens we offer to our clients. We shared photos that illustrated how they can be displayed and used, pointing out how we love to mix and match vintage patterns, whether it’s tableware or napkins. Were we thrilled to be interviewed? Heck, yeah!

Turns out the adage, “good things come to those who wait,” would apply here when we found out that article’s publication date had been moved to the fall of 2020. No worries, we thought. Next year will be great. Little did we know that this year couldn’t have been more perfect – the delay translated into a huge morale booster for us!

So, this week we received a copy of the September 2020 issue of the Southern Lady magazine. As we flipped through the gorgeously photographed pages and corresponding features, we found our article on page 99- “New Life for Old Linens.”

Two of us were interviewed – Lois Lamb of Vintage Linens by Lois and moi, Shelly Heath of Southern Vintage Table. Wow. Reading the article and seeing our name in print with advice about vintage linens was surreal – and quite wonderful! Here’s one excerpt:

“These time-honored, regional customs created a market that allowed Shelly Heath, a retired middle school teacher, to start Southern Vintage Table. Based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, her company rents out antique tableware – including napkins, doilies, and tablecloths – for weddings and other events.” “We specialize in mixing and matching patterns, colors, and styles for out clients,” Shelly says, a practice she recommends applying to your own home entertaining.

“As far as not having enough matching napkins, no worries,” she says. “Don’t be afraid to mix them up for your guests. Use several different patterns.” Lois echoes this sentiment…

Both women agree that you should cherish heirloom linens for their aged appeared and storied imperfections, not in spite of them. “Embrace the history of the vintage linen,” Shelly says. “Little tears and holes need not be fixed – they represent a loved item.”

Czapski, Elizabeth. “New Life for Old Linens,” Southern Lady Magazine, September 2020, 99-102. Print.

Shelly reading about Shelly is quite an experience! We are sincerely grateful that Elizabeth found SVT online and included us in her article. Vintage linens are delightful to share, through words and with the real thing.

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