Vintage Teacups

Scenes from SVT – Client Meetings, A Vintage Blue and White Wedding, Vintage Teacups, and a Family Visit

Vintage Teacups
What a great idea to use a cupcake stand to display the vintage teacups!

These past two weeks were extraordinary. We’ve had several client visits for a variety of celebrations, a Carriage House wedding for which we set the tables with the best crew, found an incredible stash of vintage teacups at a thrift store, and the absolutely best part was a family visit over the weekend.

Let’s start with the wedding. The weather was pretty this past week but the weekend promised rain to the dismay of many couples getting married, including our clients. It was touch and go, for sure, and decisions had to be made about moving the outdoor-planned ceremony. We learned that the rain cleared enough for the outdoor ceremony to go as planned. Soon after, folks found shelter under the covered barn roof as the rain returned.

Our crew, venue owner, and her helpers got it all ready and we loved the almost final result. What’s missing on the tables are the vintage teapot-filled floral arrangement but we hope to see those in the professional photos.

Our client visits were super fun. A tea party for mothers, a graduation dinner, and two weddings are the celebrations in which our vintage pieces will be featured. We look forward to each of these.

After picking up from a wedding last weekend, we stopped by a thrift store and found 5 beautiful teacups. That green Asian pattern is stunningly unusual!

And, now for the best part! Our family came for a visit and we had a wonderful, busy time. Here’s Grandy with our granddaughter picking strawberries – they were yummy!

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