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News – Adding Decoupaged Decor to Our Inventory

Hello from Hillsborough! As many of you, we are still on pause, waiting for the stay-at-home period to transition. A positive outcome for us has been having time to rekindle our crafting spirit, something we have missed during our busy days at Southern Vintage Table.

During the daytime hours we’ve worked outside to create several pretty garden spots and cleaned up the woods near our home. In the evening, we decoupage. First it was plastic eggs, then plastic pumpkins and kombucha jars. Now we are covering garden pots, assorted sizes of jars, and even river rocks!

We love how florals look in decoupaged jars and bottles as well as the how playful decoupaged rocks look as table decor. All of these lovelies will be available in our inventory and more will be added as our time at home continues. In the meantime, stay well and we look forward to helping with many events in the near future!

On a side note, the wooden kitty was a birthday gift from my then beau, now husband, on my 18th birthday. Truly vintage! 🙂

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