Vintage Tip – Cleaning Stains from Vintage China Part 2

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC
It works – it really does!  Regular household hydrogen peroxide is terrific for cleaning stained china!  I’ve used this cleaning trick many times now and it has worked almost every time. All you need is regular hydrogen peroxide, soaking time, and a warm oven.  It’s pretty remarkable and very easy.

I had a chance to give it another try with a set of salad plates gifted to me from my dear friend, Cissy. I immediately loved this vintage Homer Laughlin pattern with the edging and gold florals. Although the exact pattern name is unknown, the mark says “Homer Laughlin Colonial.” These stained, slightly crazed pieces needed a little time and effort and I knew just what to do.

With a tray underneath to catch spillage, I poured the H2O2 onto the first plate and filled it almost to the edge. Then I carefully placed the second plate on top, filled it, and continued until all the plates were soaking. After soaking for two days, I poured off the H2O2 and put them in a cold oven.  With the temperature set to 200 degrees, the plates baked for about an hour.  What happens in the oven is the heat evaporates the H2O2 that has seeped into the china pores, bringing the stains up to the surface.

Here are the incredible results – before soaking, after being in a warm oven, and then cleaned.

Cleaning China with Hydrogen Peroxide

So, give it a try with any stained china you might have or find.  It’s definitely worth the effort!  Check out my previous cleaning post for some more incredible before-and-afters!  One thing I have learned since that post is you don’t need to use anything stronger than the standard concentration of H2O2.  It just takes a little more time and may take a couple of soakings, but it works just as well and much cheaper, too.  Voila!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC


Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

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