Southern Vintage Table Event – Miss Julia’s Birthday Tea Party

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We were all oh-so excited about Miss Julia’s birthday tea party!  Turning 5 is pretty awesome all by itself but when you add family, friends, vintage teacups and hats to the celebration, the excitement just escalates!  With the help of their family and Southern Vintage Table, Erin and Jeremy planned a fun-filled morning for their sweet daughter and her friends.

Our party preparations began at Raleigh’s Baileywick Park. Erin and her family crew – Phyllis, Jerry, Rowena, Doug and Melissa – transformed the shelter into a delightful, charming tea party atmosphere with organza drapes, balloons and paper lanterns. A “happy birthday” sign and a beautiful bright-colored bunting sewn by Jeanine were hung to greet the party guests.

The two picnic tables were covered with vintage pink and blue tablecloths. To coordinate with Erin’s happy spring theme, Southern Vintage Table chose a wide array of teacups, dessert plates and serving dishes with most of the big, bold patterns coming from the mid century era.  A hat station was created with a vintage trunk and suitcase and the bright colors of our vintage hats blended in beautifully. I imagine all of the previous owners of those lovely hats were so tickled, as my mama used to say, to be a part of this celebration!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC
Party Hats Sign and Trunk

Choosing the right hat was definitely the fun part of dressing up for the tea party and these girls got it just right. They all look so chic!  After making that important fashion decision, it was time to enjoy the healthy snacks – petite peanut butter sandwiches and croissants, fresh fruit and fruit filled miniature pastries. The vintage teapots were filled with ice-cold lemonade and ready to serve!

Dessert was Erin’s handmade cake created for Julia’s tea party. With a lovely garden scene filled with gummy flowers, chocolate rocks, a fountain and even a miniature tea party, it was definitely a showpiece!  After admiring the cake, making birthday wishes and blowing out candles, it was gift-opening time.  I’m not sure who enjoyed this part the most – Julia, who loved every single birthday present – or the rest of us, reveling in the delight of a darling young girl!

Happy birthday, Miss Julia and thank you for inviting us to be a part of your special day!  From birthday tea parties to wedding receptions, Southern Vintage Table is ready to help you celebrate those memorable, sweet life events!

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC