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Vintage Tips – Three Organization and Storage Tips

Never-ending challenges for practically all of us are organization and storage. Our quandary at Southern Vintage Table, and maybe yours as well, is how to store our inventory safely and keep it visible.  We have lots of stuff – china, linens, flatware, serving dishes, frames, vases, silver accessories, baskets, suitcases, candle holders, etc.  Lots and lots of stuff.  How do we keep it all safe, visible and organized?  Here are three quick tips that have helped us and might be useful for you, too!

Tip 1: Decide your organization scheme.
Should you sort by type, style, color, pattern or size?  Many times it’s a combination  For example, we sort teacups by color and napkins by color and size.  For dinner plates, we sort first by style then by color.

Tip 2:  Store in a clear container.
To economize, we were storing a lot of things in boxes.  We labeled the boxes but it still was hard to remember what was inside, especially if it was stacked underneath another box.  We decided to invest in clear containers with the lid attached.  Now we can see the items through the plastic and these bins stack onto of each other neatly and safely.

Tip 3: Cocoon delicates with bubble wrap and then cling wrap it!
If you have delicate china or glassware the major consideration is how to store safely yet visible.  This vintage Blue Willow teapot was in a cardboard box covered with brown paper because we didn’t want it to break. Unfortunately, we also couldn’t remember what box it was in.  As the adage goes, “out of sight, out of mind” but, in this case, we didn’t want to forget we had it. Now it’s on the shelf with a cocoon of protection – a layer of bubble wrap, sealed with plastic wrap.

What’s cool about using this combination is that the bubble wrap gives it cushioning and the plastic wrap acts like tape to keep it all snuggly closed.  And, when you stack one on top of the other on the shelf, they cling to each other which prevents slippage.  I also like that when I go to unwrap, all I have to do is to cut away the plastic wrap which separates quickly and easily from the bubble wrap.  With tape, I usually have to cut the tape which also cuts the bubble wrap, making it difficult to reuse.

These three practices have helped us keep track of our inventory at Southern Vintage Table.  Keep us in mind as you plan your next dinner or party – we are ready and organized!

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