A Vintage Adventure – A Collection Builds One Piece at a Time

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC
My collection of green thumbnail tumblers begins with this one but I have several of the clear goblet pattern. It once came filled with Big Top peanut butter! We later found the cool tree bark pitcher at the local Goodwill.

It was our annual beach trip to Louise’s condo and all the yayas (Jami, Louise, Mary, Pat and me) were coming except for Cis, who was caring for her mother.  (Cis, we missed you!) This tradition is something we all look forward to each summer – hanging out with each other, cooking a seafood feast, talking school talk, watching a movie and sometimes even going on the beach.  For this trip, Jami and I added another diversion – thrift store hopping – although a few of the stores were anything but thrift, but they did have some beautiful vintage things that inspired us.

Our first stop was incredible – it was like a huge, dusty museum of vintageness.  Most things didn’t have a price and were covered by a thick coat of dust and grime.  The aisles were tight, the shelves were high and the piles were deep.  In other words, perfect – well, almost. The dust did get a bit obnoxious.

We were there for nearly 3 hours – looking mostly for china but marveling at all the cool stuff there, too.  Jami was on the hunt for the perfect tureen for her succulent garden.  We took our finds up to the front counter and quickly a pile was started.  In our collection were plates, teacups, glasses, a hat and a tureen without a lid. (Oops – that’s what happens when your hands are full and you have to move 10 things before you can get to what you wanted to see. They weren’t going to make us pay for the lid but Jami got the bottom for $2 which was the best deal we got!)

In the end, I got a few things, including some pink rimmed luncheon plates and two glasses.

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC
Vintage Fruit Luncheon Plates

So, I started two collections (green thumbnail tumbler which goes perfectly with the amber ones I already had and the square luncheon plates) and added to my Big Top Peanut Butter goblet collection.  A fruitful adventure, indeed!

These treasures are available at Southern Vintage Table for your next gathering!

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

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  1. The seashells really add a nice touch! It’s amazing what you can do with the corner of a kitchen table!

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