Vintage Blue and White Creamer and Sugar

Southern Vintage Table Events – Timeless Blue and White for Kelsey and Ben

When Kelsey and Ben’s wedding day arrived, it was raining. The Carriage House has an awesome open barn but much of the festivities were to be held outside, including the ceremony. When we finished setting the tables with our vintage blue and white plates, blue goblets, and silver-plate flatware, it was still raining and arrangements were being made to move everything inside.

Of course, after this decision was made, the sky opened up just in time.

The tables looked fabulous, but the dessert and coffee tables were showstoppers! The cake table, covered with the bride’s grandmother’s lace overlay, presents these beautiful cakes that were made by the bride’s aunt. Placed on our cake stands, don’t they look delicious?

Congratulations, Kelsey and Ben, and best wishes! Everything turned out wonderfully and we always thought a rainy wedding day will create lasting memories. But, it also means good luck in your marriage.

“…a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel!” How terrific is that!

Photographer – Timeless Photography
Flowers – Humble Umbel Farm (arranged by the bride’s aunt and sister-in-law)
Cakes – Bride’s Aunt
Dinner – Carrburitos
Vintage Tableware – Southern Vintage Table
Live music – Onyx Club Boys
Venue –Chapel Hill Carriage House

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Vintage Family Table Settings

Southern Vintage Table Events – A Carolina Blue Graduation Celebration

It was a big day for Leah! Graduating from UNC with her Master’s Degree and hosting a family celebration at The Honeysuckle Tea House in Chapel Hill were two memory-filled occasions.

Honoring her alma mater, the table settings were styled with light blue vintage china and goblets. Their runner looks fabulous under our vintage milk glass vases filled with blue hydrangenas, flanked by our vintage votive holders. We were so excited to have our vintage milk glass salad plates make their debut, coordinately beautifully with the vases.

Bravo, Leah and family! A UNC-CH master’s degree is an achievement worthy of celebrating over and over! Thank you for sharing your photos and, of course, for using our services.

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Vintage Reception Tables

Southern Vintage Table Events – A Splendid Spring Wedding

Rachel and David’s happy spring wedding day at The Cornealius Properties  was perfect! From the chapel, ceremony, reception tables, lush florals by Busy Bee Florist, and beautiful couple, this celebration was simply exquisite. Dakota Hersey Photography impeccably captured this memorable day and we are captivated by her talent!

This beautiful, sweet couple visited our studio and selected dishes from our vintage floral collection. They mentioned that their floral arrangements would work well with the china as well as our vintage spring hued goblets. Lastly, they chose vintage silver-plated flatware to continue their elegant theme. Little did we know the full meaning of their vision and we are truly smitten.

Vintage Reception Tables

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” – John Ruskin

In a tribute to your vibrant wedding, we wish you two a life full of love, fun, and lots of color! We sincerely thank you for using our services and for your fabulous review.

Shelly was such a huge help in helping us decide what would look good for our tables at our wedding. She was very accommodating and flexible with our needs. Her dishes were beautiful and really elevated the look at our wedding! I would highly recommend Southern Vintage Table!

Planner: The Social South 
Photographer: Dakota Hersey Photography
Videographer: 85 Film 
Venue: The Cornealius Properties 
Florist: Busy Bee Florist 
Caterer: Funky Fresh 
Vintage Tableware: Southern Vintage Table
Hair: Hairxkarli (Karli Robbins) 
Makeup: Bridalbywhit 

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Vintage Vieux Provence by Varagas Pheasant

Vintage Features – Birds of Different Feathers

Birds are amazing creatures – they can fly, lay eggs, and have beautiful feathers. The way they strut on their two feet is quite delightful! So, it makes sense they would adorn many vintage china patterns. Today we are sharing some of the ones we have in our collection but there are many, many more.

Our first set is a group paying homage to the pheasant. There are many species of pheasants and most of the males have gorgeous, vibrant feathers. We learned they are also quite delicious.

Red-necked pheasant bird vintage drawing

These three vintage patterns are known as Asiatic Pheasants. This popular pattern was created in England during the mid 1800s and has been copied by many different pottery companies.

Pheasants are also on these next patterns. Their bright feathers are prominently featured. The first is a vintage design by Johnson Brothers, the second is Chelsea Bird by Myott, the third is Spring Garden by Royal Gallery, and the last pattern is from France, called Vieux Provence by Varagas.

It appears that birds that are delicious to eat appear more often on plate patterns! Quail by Furnival comes in a variety of two tones – we have blue small plates and brown dinner plates in our collection.

And, of course, we see lots of roosters and chickens on dinner plates. These whimsical patterns are mid century, with the first and last are Taylor Smith & Taylor and the middle one is Scio.

These next patterns have birds that we cannot identify, but they do add beauty and detail to each pattern. They are Devonshire by Johnson, Willliamsburg Potpourri by Wedgwood, Vintage Woodsong by Fine China, and Spodes Tower by Spodes.

Lastly, the most recognized pattern, Blue Willow, has the famous pair of turtle doves. The story goes that two forbidden lovers were saved by the gods and turned into these loving doves. Did you know that there’s a Pink Willow and a multitude of versions of this original pattern, designed by Thomas Turner in the late 1700s?

Hope you have enjoyed today’s birds on plates blog. We are pretty sure there are more in our collection and, if so, a sequel will follow!

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Vintage Teacups

Scenes from SVT – Client Meetings, A Vintage Blue and White Wedding, Vintage Teacups, and a Family Visit

Vintage Teacups
What a great idea to use a cupcake stand to display the vintage teacups!

These past two weeks were extraordinary. We’ve had several client visits for a variety of celebrations, a Carriage House wedding for which we set the tables with the best crew, found an incredible stash of vintage teacups at a thrift store, and the absolutely best part was a family visit over the weekend.

Let’s start with the wedding. The weather was pretty this past week but the weekend promised rain to the dismay of many couples getting married, including our clients. It was touch and go, for sure, and decisions had to be made about moving the outdoor-planned ceremony. We learned that the rain cleared enough for the outdoor ceremony to go as planned. Soon after, folks found shelter under the covered barn roof as the rain returned.

Our crew, venue owner, and her helpers got it all ready and we loved the almost final result. What’s missing on the tables are the vintage teapot-filled floral arrangement but we hope to see those in the professional photos.

Our client visits were super fun. A tea party for mothers, a graduation dinner, and two weddings are the celebrations in which our vintage pieces will be featured. We look forward to each of these.

After picking up from a wedding last weekend, we stopped by a thrift store and found 5 beautiful teacups. That green Asian pattern is stunningly unusual!

And, now for the best part! Our family came for a visit and we had a wonderful, busy time. Here’s Grandy with our granddaughter picking strawberries – they were yummy!

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Stacks of Vintage Plates

News – Taylor Made Help

We met Taylor when she was returning goblets from a photoshoot at Sugarneck, a rustic woodland venue in Sanford. We instantly clicked over our love for anything vintage. There was just something about her smile and happy personality that we broached the possibility of her working part-time at SVT. She said YES!

Since then she has helped fill orders, placed items back on the shelves, rehung our hanging plants, and loaded our van with delivery orders. Dang, we will miss her when she heads to college this fall! But, until then, we look forward to the mornings she comes to the studio with her positive energy and helpfulness. Taylor, we appreciate you!

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Styled Shoot at Windy Hill

News – 4 Weddings, 4 Venues

Early April is such a lovely month to get married – the dogwoods and azaleas are blooming, the air is fresh, the trees have that lime green color, and everyone is thrilled that the hot humid summer is still months away. 🙂

We helped with four weddings this beautiful spring weekend – our couple clients were married at venues that are all about the beautiful outdoors – Windy Hill, The Barn of Valhalla, Cornealius Property, and Campbell Lodge. Our experiences with the first three locations have always been delightful, and this weekend was our first wedding at Campbell Lodge. When couples tell us they are getting married at any of these venues, we know they will truly enjoy their wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony Site

​​Windy Hill Farm – Cedar Grove

Windy Hill Farm is a working farm in northern Orange County and has been farmed since the 1800s. This authentic rustic venue is a wonderful place to get married and the owners are sincere about their mission to use  “sustainable farming practices … and preserve the history of this beautiful piece of earth.”

Photo by Autumn Harrison

The Barn of Valhalla – Chapel Hill

This beautiful upscale rustic venue, located on the rural west side of Chapel Hill, is an amazing place for events. The property has a barn, lodge, gazebo, walkways connecting all the sites, a pond, and lush grounds. We always love visiting this well-maintained venue.

Photo by Emily Michelle Photography

Wedding Ceremony

The Cornealius Properties – Goldsboro

Although we haven’t actually been to this upscale and inclusive venue, we’ve had many couples get married here. With the distance a bit further, they all have elected to pickup and return our rentals. Every couple we have served loves this place. Many features are included -Birdsong Chapel, Carriage Hall, HoneyMoon House, Camp Cabin, The Boat House, and a pond and dock.

Photo by Destiny Lee Photography

Campbell Lodge – Durant Nature Preserve, Raleigh

This was our first wedding at the Campbell Lodge, a lovely venue nestled in a natural preserve owned by the city of Raleigh. The spacious lodge features two stone fireplaces on each end and a deck that overlooks one of the lakes at the preserve. We are very pleased to have visited this special venue and look forward to returning.

Preparing for these happy events kept us quite busy but we did get a chance to update last week’s post with more glassware numbers. Check it out!

Now, time to wash a few dishes and get ready for a wedding at another impressive venue, the Carriage House of Chapel Hill.

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Rainbow of Vintage Whitehall Goblets or Footed Tumblers

News – The Count is in and it’s over 3000!

Vintage Amber Goblets
Photo by Lily and Vine

Yep, that’s right! Our shelves hold over 3000 pieces of vintage glassware!

The great inventory count has begun and, with Annie’s help, we’ve got the colors and numbers of glassware currently in our inventory. We overlooked the gray and orange goblets along with the clear coupes so expect an update this week. (The vintage tumblers are not featured here but their count can be found on our Vintage Drinkware page.)

Roll over the image to get the total number in each color category.

FYI – This gallery was made through Modula, a plugin we learned about today. One other thing we figured out was how to add text to photos in iPhoto – how did we miss this?

It’s going to be beautiful here in NC this week!

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Scenes from SVT – Whoo Hoo! Celebrating Our First Anniversary at Boone Square

One year ago, April 2022, we began our transition into Suite 14 at Boone Square. With a lot of help and support, this move was an incredible accomplishment for our vintage rental business.  

It sure wasn’t easy. We worked long hours unpacking and shelving for days and months, had a trumpet fall on my head, tripped over a rug and hit my head, made so many trips to get free crates from a grocery store and boxes from the ABC store, and then pleaded for folks to take the crates, and recycled all the liquor boxes. A few more things happened in there, too, but it all seems like it was so long ago!

To our dismay, we didn’t figure out how to create a super amazing slide show with some awesome befores and afters. Dang. We will persist and it will happen. Maybe next week or maybe next year, but we’ll figure it out. In the meantime, here are just a few side by sides from April 2022 to April 2023.

We love how our studio works for us and our clients! It’s an awesome space and we look forward to meeting even more clients who appreciate vintage as much as we do!

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Royal China Retro Blues

Vintage Feature – Retro Royal China

These two vintage patterns, Old Curiosity Shop and Currier and Ives, may be the most recognizable patterns in America. They were produced by Royal China, based out of Sebring, Ohio. Once a powerhouse in the china business, this American company produced over 1700 patterns from 1934-1980s.

From our own collection, we have these two patterns, but we also have patterns that feature florals, gold rims, and ornate designs. On the other end of the spectrum, we have bold, funky patterns that the company produced in the 1950s-1980s. Like many successful companies, Royal China adapted their look based on the times.

While researching this company, we also uncovered that in 1934 Beatrice Miller applied for the bank loan to start this company with her two male partners. She was turned away because sponsoring a woman-owned business was preposterous. Soon after, one of her partners visited the same bank and their loan was approved.

Beatrice was a pioneer in the pottery business and for all women entrepreneurs. Under her leadership and her two male partners, Royal China thrived for the next 50 years. One other side note, their mission was to make affordable china for the general public that were sold in grocery markets, five-and-dime stores, and other small businesses. They were also promotional giveaways for many companies.

Fast forward from the depression era to the 1950s. Royal China launched a new look for their customers. As a sign of the times, the patterns became more whimsical, bold, and colorful. With names like Blue Heaven, Tell Me Yes, Flower Dance, and Leaf Spirit, these patterns spoke to the hip public who wanted more than pretty flowers with gold inlays. Don’t you love the ad with the title, “Meet the Swingers from Royal?”

Although we have patterns from many companies that followed this trend, Royal China leads the pack for us. We are presenting these by their color family – yellows, browns, oranges, blues, blue-greens, and greens. All of these, as you will note, kept to a simple color palette with their bold pattern. Now, let us introduce you to some of our favorite retro patterns!

Hello Yellows!
Casablanca, Jubilee, Damsel, RYL398, Queen’s Rose, Vendome

Buenos Dias BROWNS!
Monterey, Overture, Casa Del Sol, Barcelona, RYL4, Nutmeg, Can Can

Oh la la – ORANGE is next!
Mozambique and Sahara

Bonjour Blues!
Patio, Aurora,Baghdad, Blue Heaven

G’day Greens and Blues!
RYL360, Camelot, RYL86, RYL3, Flower Dance, RYL16

Greetings to the Greens!
RYL 137, RYL325, RYL403

Imagine setting your tables with these super cool, groovy patterns. Along with more retro patterns from other potters in our collection, they will be a natural conversation starter for any event!

Vintage Retro Place Settings with Colored Goblets
Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

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