Vintage Centerpiece Packages

  ~ Pricing ~

1-2 Vintage Items – $4 per table

3-4 Vintage Items – $8 per table

5-6 Vintage Items – $12 per table

7-8 Vintage Items – $16 per table

~ Items ~

Metals – frames; postcards on fork stands; candle holders (brass and silver); candle stands; small metal boxes; small metal pitchers; alarm clocks; sifters; kitchen scales; decorative tins; brass animals; silver-rimmed coasters; small silver trays; sad irons and trivets

Organics – books; doilies; wooden boxes; wooden frames; sedum teacups; baskets; pine cones; shells

Glass/Ceramics – milk glass vases; blue, green, and clear glass vases; ceramic vases and planters; votives; bottles; glass candle holders; ceramic figurines and boxes; salt & pepper shakers; petite teacup & saucers

For more information about our centerpiece design concept, see our blog post,
Vintage Feature – Announcing Our Centerpiece Packages!

Disclaimer – We reserve the right to change our product’s prices at any time without further notice. If you have requested a rental quote and an item price has changed, we will honor the quoted price.