Vintage Feature: The Blue Vintage China Table

blue willow set
Clementine would be pleased that her Blue Willow teapots will be enjoyed by many admirers of her favorite china pattern.

What do The Andy Griffith Show, The Munsters and old Westerns have in common?  Well, yes, they are all midcentury classic television but there’s something even cooler – they share a common dining table setting,  the Blue Willow vintage china pattern. These famous shows set their table with this blue and white pattern because it is crisp, vintage and full of history. First designed in the 18th century, Blue Willow has been on generations of family dining tables and continues to be popular today.  Read more about this fascinating pattern on Wikipedia.

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC
As told in the Blue Willow legend, star-crossed lovers were transformed into doves after their tragic deaths. According to Wikipedia, these birds did not appear on the early willow patterns.

There’s something special about blue vintage china that many folks appreciate.  Blue Willow features dark indigo against white that’s so striking. Blends of light blue vintage china are soothing and inviting.  Vintage turquoise has a romantic flair while blues with greens, pinks and yellows present a cheery table.

Whether it’s the classic blue and white vintage china table setting, a myriad of blue vintage china stoneware patterns or a mingling of soft elegant blue vintage china patterns, your guests will love it.  Check out more blue vintage china patterns available at Southern Vintage Table on our Pinterest Board! plate

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC