A Southern Vintage Table Event: A Family Dinner

The Riley’s celebrated Jamie’s life with his family at their home with his favorite meal.

Jamie was a dear friend of my sister’s husband. They had been best pals ever since they were toddlers and had remained friends through their teenage years and adulthood.  They were at each other’s weddings, coached their sons’ baseball’s teams together and played golf on weekends.  When Phil heard that Jamie had passed away one morning, it was a life changing moment.

In a flurry, Jamie’s boys were coming home with their families and arrangements had to be made.  My sister wanted to pay tribute to her husband’s best friend and his family in a way only she could do  – prepare her home styled meal she had made for Jamie every time he came for dinner.  The menu was meatloaf, pinto beans, squash and biscuits.  She asked me to set the table for her special guests which I really wanted to do, especially for Marie.  You see, Marie, the mother of Jamie’s three boys, helped our family through our most challenging months when my twin brother passed away last year.  As a masseuse, Reiki master and family friend, Marie’s healing methods helped all of us cope, including my brother, Mike.  We will always be grateful for her calming guidance and spirituality.

Sharon prepared the meal, rented the tables and chairs and we set the table for her guests.  This evening will be forever remembered by Jamie’s family as a time of deep sadness yet also of beauty and love, as their family begins their path to healing after losing someone they all dearly loved.

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC